Legal Preliminaries

Peace of mind that your Marriage or Civil Partnership is legally protected.

Regardless of age, religion, nationality or orientation, every couple wishing to get legally married or to form a legal Civil Partnership in the UK is required to give Notice of Marriage (or Notice of Civil Partnership).

This process ensures your union will be legally recognised and protected in the UK, giving you peace of mind.

It might sound daunting, but giving Notice of Marriage (or Civil Partnership) is really just a simple administrative step and generally very straightforward.

Your step by step guide

Book your appointment
Contact a Register Office in the county you pay council tax for an appointment. You have to give notice in the county you live in, even if you're getting married in a different county. Suffolk residents can give notice at any of our Register Offices. Schedule your appointment 3 months prior to your wedding, but minimum 29 days prior to your ceremony.
Compile the required documents
The Registrar will want to see various documents relating to your address, status and nationality. The documents you need are outlined below.
Your appointment
You have to attend your appointment in person together with your partner. Most of our Registrars also conduct weddings, so it's a perfect opportunity to ask questions about your ceremony too! Don't forget: Notices need to be given a minimum of 29 days prior to your ceremony, in order for your wedding to go ahead.

Required documentation

Choose the option that reflects your and your partner's citizenship status
Relevant Nationals
British and Irish Citizens, EU settled and pre-settled status prior to 30 June 2021
Non-Relevant Nationals and USAF
Foreign nationals with visa or permanent residence status and US Air Force personnel
Getting married abroad
If you are planning to get married abroad and require a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI)