Non-Relevant Nationals and USAF

Guidance for Visa or Permanent Residence Permit holders and USAF personnel.

Non-Relevant Nationals and USAF personnel

If you are in the UK on a Visa or permanent residence permit, or are USAF personnel, please follow the guidance below for your legal preliminaries.
Where to give Notice
Notices must be given at a Register Office in the county you live in, even if you're getting married in a different county. It doesn't have to be your nearest office, you can attend any Register Office.
When to give Notice
Contact us as soon as possible to discuss the minimum Notice period as this depends on the type of visa or residence permit you hold. Notices might have to be given a minimum of 70 days prior to your ceremony, otherwise your wedding won't go ahead. Ideally aim to give Notice around 6 months prior to your wedding.
Who needs to attend
Both you and your partner have to give Notice. If one or both of you is subject to immigration control, you must attend together at the same appointment. If one or both of you are serving USAF personnel you can attend separately. Notice appointments are in person.
If one or both of you is subject to immigration control, the fee is £57 each or £114 per couple. If you are both USAF staff or one USAF and one a relevant citizen, the fee is £42 per person, £84 per couple. Additional fees may apply.
What to bring to your appointment
We require proof of nationality, 2 passport photos each, your visa or proof of permanent residence, address and identity and, if applicable, proof of divorce. USAF personnel might require additional paperwork. Please check the list below for required documents.
Translators and Chaperones
Notices require you to understand and answer questions and sign legal documents in English, without help from your partner or relatives. Please arrange for a translator to come to your appointment if you don't feel confident. As part of your appointment you will also meet the Registrar alone, without your partner present. Please advise at the time of booking if you would prefer for a chaperone to be present.

*Accepted documents

List of accepted documents required for your appointment.