Weddings at home or at an unlicensed venue

Personal touches at your chosen location.

Why have a wedding at home?

Personal and meaningful: marry at a venue significant to you
Sometimes the perfect place for your wedding is your home, or another place that holds special significance for you. Our two-part wedding option ensures your wedding takes place where you want to, and that it is legally binding.
Relaxed familiar environment
Less pressure to keep to formalities. More memories in a place that has meaning for you. This might be especially helpful to families with young children or people with access needs.
Money saving
Having your wedding at home or at an unlicensed venue can significantly cut down on costs, from venue hire fees to catering, depending on how much you are hoping to do yourselves.
Unique and personal traditions in your way
You've found your perfect venue, now follow it up by personalising your wedding as much or as little as you like to!

Celebrating your wedding at home or at a special place is a great way to make amazing memories in a space you love. Hold the legal part of your wedding in one of our beautiful Register Office ceremony rooms, then follow it up with a bespoke wedding ceremony with one of our celebrants at your home or at the venue of your choice. 

Our fees 


1 April 2023 -

31 March 2024

1 April 2024 -

31 March 2025

Monday - Saturday before 5pm £660 £700
Monday - Saturday after 5pm and Sundays and bank holidays  £760 £800
Risk assessment £75 £75
Notice of marriage / civil partnership £35 per person (relevant nationals) £35 per person (relevant nationals)
Marriage / civil partnership certificates £11 per certificate £11 per certificate

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