Civil Partnerships

Signing or ceremony - your Civil Partnership your way with the Suffolk Registration Service

Forming a Civil Partnership with the Suffolk Registration Service

Ensure a Civil Partnership is right for you
A Civil Partnership is similar, but not identical to Marriage. For example: not every country recognises Civil Partnerships, and opposite sex couples are not able to convert a Civil Partnership to a Marriage at a later date, so you need to be sure of your decision. You can find out more about the differences between Marriage and Civil Partnership by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
Signing or Ceremony?
A Civil Partnership can be formed by simply signing the Civil Partnership Schedule in front of two witnesses and the Registrar. Alternatively, to mark the occasion and celebrate your union, you can choose from the same ceremony options as with a marriage: Traditional or Enhanced Register Office ceremony, approved venue or at home ceremonies.
Legal Preliminaries - Notice of Civil Partnership
To ensure their Civil Partnership is legally protected, every couple wishing to form a Civil Partnership in the UK is required to give Notice of Civil Partnership. Notices are given in person at a Register Office at least 29 days before your Civil Partnership Formation.

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Marriage vs Civil Partnership: the differences
Civil Partnership and Marriage are similar but there are important differences. Ensure a Civil Partnership is the right choice for you.
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Legal Preliminaries
Peace of mind that your Marriage or Civil Partnership is legally protected.
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